Full-time position in English (Professor, Associate Professor or a Full-time Lecturer)

Content of job information

The College of Economics, Nihon University, Japan, is now accepting applications for a Professor position, an Associate Professor position or a Full-time Lecturer position in English as a foreign language. We are seeking someone with native-like English proficiency and a professional interest in teaching English skills to the students whose major is economics, industrial management, and/or finance and public economics.

Duties of the position include teaching general English classes (Communication, Reading, Writing), TOEFL/TOEIC, English classes for international course students, Seminar of General Education, and/or Bachelor’s Thesis. Teaching responsibilities include teaching up to 6.5 classes per year. Responsibilities also include active research, student advising and mentoring, and active participation in the work of the English department, College committees, and faculty meetings.


English as a Foreign Language


Professor, Associate Professor or a Full-time Lecturer

Number of positions



  1. Native-like Proficiency of English.
  2. Sufficient Japanese language ability to cope with administrative matters.
  3. MA degree required, PhD preferred, in the field of Linguistics, American or British Literature, Applied Linguistics, or English Language Education (TESL, TEFL, TESOL).
  4. Knowledge and skills in teaching TOEFL and TOEIC, as well as general English subjects.
  5. Requirements may include teaching of basic research skills and seminars.

    * Applicants must hold a valid visa enabling them to work in Japan.

Employment status

Full-time(Tenured),mandatory retirement age of 65


Annual salary is defined based on rank, experience and qualifications in accordance with pay regulations of the College of Economics, Nihon University.

The CENU offers all full-time employees the following benefit package;

  1. Membership to Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan (including health insurance and annual pension)
  2. Membership to employment insurance and workers’ compensation insurance for job-related accidents
  3. Childcare leave and family-care leave are also available.
Application period

Friday, July 20, 2018 – Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Application / selection / notification of result / contact details

*Applicants should visit the website of the Job Announcement, College of Economics, Nihon University: http://www.eco.nihon-u.ac.jp/

(1) One complete CV with a recent photo and contact information, plus three Xeroxed copies

 Download and use this template: English_CV_template.xlsx
 * Photocopy of the highest degree attained (Four copies)

(2) One complete list of academic publications and presentations (Four copies)

 Download and use this template: English_Publication_template.xlsx

(3) Publications

Four copies of each publication must be submitted: one should be an off-print and the other three may be Xerox copies.

  1. The lists of your publications and presentations should not include papers or presentations that have not been published or made before 7th September 2018.
  2. Please list your publications and presentations starting with the most recent and ending with the oldest.
  3. Assign serial numbers to your books, papers, and presentations in the list.
  4. In the list of your academic publications, please place a circle (〇) around the serial number of the ones that you are submitting.
  5. For co-authored papers, describe all the names of the authors according to the listed order. Put a double circle (◎) in front of the name of the first-author and a single circle (〇) in front of the second-author.

 (3-1) Professor

  1. Five published academic articles or one book are required.
  2. Four copies of each publication must be submitted: one should be an off-print and the other three may be Xerox copies.

 (3-2) Associate Professor/ Full-time Lecturer

  1. Three published academic articles or one book are required.

 (3-3) To confirm the dates of publications or presentations please send a copy of related publication page or conference website page.

 (3-4) One academic book (excluding textbooks) is equivalent to five academic articles.

 (3-5) One doctoral thesis is equivalent to three academic articles.

 (3-6) The weight of co-authored articles will be judged after taking account of the number of authors.

 (3-7) In the case of person engaged in business, additional documents are required to confirm his/her business career and achievements.

(4)Statement concerning your application for this position. (Four copies)
This should include your philosophical approach to teaching English Communication and TOEFL at the university level.

 (4-1)Use A4-size paper. One page (single-sided) only.

 (4-2)This statement, should be in English and include a title and your name, and should be limited to one page with 30mm margins and minimum font size 11p.

(5) Syllabus of two English classes

In the case of Japanese as a native language; English Reading, English Writing, and TOEIC I
Download and use this template: 02-2_English Syllabus_Jpn_template.xlsx

In the case of English as a native language; English Communication and  TOEFL III.
Download and use this template: 02-3_English Syllabus_template.xlsx

Application materials must be sent by registered mail marked “Application for English” in red on the front of the envelop.
Email applications cannot be accepted.
Submitted materials will not be used for any other purposes.

[Selection process (selection method and hiring decision), notification of result]

1) After the screening of application materials (including academic achievements), short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview at the College of Economics, Nihon University. The interview is tentatively scheduled in late September. Travel expenses will not be reimbursed.

2) One successful candidate will be invited for a presentation at the College of Economics, Nihon University. Details will be given around Wednesday 10th October, 2018. The presentation is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, 18th, October. Travel expenses will not be reimbursed.

3) The decision regarding this position will be made in late October. The final decision will be sent to one successful candidate only.

[Contact details (department, official position, name, e-mail address, and phone number of the responsible person)] * Important

Contact Address

General Affairs Office, Recruitment Section, Mr. Arae and Mr Shintaku
1-3-2 Kanda-Misaki-cho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 101-8360
E-MAIL: jinji.eco@nihon-u.ac.jp

Additional information
The recruitment process is basically confidential.
Attached documents