Message from the Director of Center for Global Studies on Culture and Society (CGS)

The Center for Global Studies on Culture and Society (CGS), formerly known as the Center for China & Asian Studies (CCAS) was established in 2006, and reorganized and renamed in 2018 for the purpose of expanding the research scope so as to encompass the entire world.

The Center for China and Asia Studies engaged in interdisciplinary and area studies research targeting Asia, as the continent that was attracting attention for its emerging economy. The center completing nine research projects, presented the findings to the public scrutiny, and we believe, thus fully achieved original objectives.

However, the contemporary global society has in the meantime undergone dramatic changes, creating awareness that, to analyze the future trends in the world economy and global society, in our research we must not be confined only to Asia. Furthermore, the need arose for us to expand our scope of research to the culture, history and religion of individual countries and region, while employing the theory and method of social sciences, so as to be able to better understand various phenomena taking place in the complex and diverse world.

Reflecting these demands of our time, at the Center for Global Studies on Culture and Society (CGS), which is now making a new start, we endeavor to carry out the role of a hub for international research exchange by fully and effectively utilizing the resources of Nihon University, College of Economics. Furthermore, through interdisciplinary study of global trends, along with complementing the work of the Research Institute of Economics Science and the Institute of Business Research, we also aim to contribute to the development of human resources in our university that can be successful on the global stage.

Center for Global Studies on Culture and Society (CGS)
Jun SHIMIZU / Director