Visit Tokyo, Kanda-Misaki

NUCE is the metropolitan university, situated in the center of Tokyo. It is surrounded by the attractive spots of Tokyo such as historical buildings, a lushly-green Japanese garden, the world’s biggest bookstore area and so on. You will enjoy an exceptional and fulfilling student life, with easy access to the main stations: Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Akihabara.

Beautiful Historic Buildings

NUCE is located in the walk-able distance from many beautiful buildings representing the history of Tokyo. For example, “Kanda Myojin” is the historic shrine built 1300 years ago. Various Japanese seasonal events, like Hatsumode (the first shrine visit of the year) and summer festivals, take place there. Also “Yushima Seido” is the Confucian temple established in the Edo Period. It is the historic landmark of the birthplace of modern education in Japan.

Lushly-green Japanese Garden

Does it surprise you that Tokyo is rich in nature? Only 2 stations away from NUCE, there is the Japan’s oldest botanical garden “Koishikawa Botanical Garden”. Established 320 years ago, it is called the birthplace of modern botany. You can enjoy the great scenery of well-maintained Japanese garden with seasonal flowers such as cherry blossoms and chrysanthemum.

World’s Biggest Bookstore Area

On the south-side of NUCE, there is “Kanda Jimbocho”: the world’s biggest bookstore area. Around 200 old and new bookstores hold any genres of books−literature, social science and art. Also students enjoy visiting cafes and curry restaurants in the area.

Mecca of Subculture

Akihabara is very popular among foreign tourists. This Japanese unique mecca of subculture representing animation and video games is 2 JR-stations away from NUCE. There are also many cafes and restaurants. Students fully enjoy this area for hobby or part-time jobs in their free time.

The Center of Entertainment

“Tokyo Dome”, situated in the north of NUCE, is the famous entertainment facility for sports events and concerts. There is an amusement park “Tokyo Dome City” next to it. This area also has different kinds of shops for musical instruments and outdoor goods as well as good-priced restaurants.