リケ ゼミ
International Economics, Economic Policy Study
李 克 Li.Ke

The current world has been engaged with each other by nations and countries, which has intrigued more attention and complexity for understanding it. Economics is one of the penetrating disciplines in helping people how to realize and analyze many crucial issues of today’s world, such as issues about international trade and finance, globalization and regionalization, inflation and unemployment, economic growth and development, economic efficiency and equality, national interest and world community, industrialization and environmental protection, business management and policy influence, technology development and new economy, and etc.. Through the studies at our College, it will enforce and enable students’ ability and capacity to solve the problems and challenges in their future career and life. Moreover, Economics will also facilitate our students to grasp more opportunities and chances for their career competition and development both for domestically and globally.


As one key research member of New Classical Economics, in the past two decades I have published dozens of research papers at international prestigious academic journals. Among these research fields, I briefly introduce some of my major contributions to them.

Regarding the network economy and new economy, I have applied infra-marginal analysis to preciously describe and figure out the solution and mechanism in determining their price, as well as the impact and effect for conventional commercial patterns. In addition, I have published papers to furthermore analyze features and effects of e-Commerce and IOT for their future evolution on market structure, organizational structure and business pattern.

Besides, I have published many papers regarding institutional economics and constitutional economics. For instance, I have analyzed the role and function of state under the general equilibrium model which is following James Buchanan’s hypothesis, and these research implicitly and explicitly explain the emergence and evolution of the state under market economy. Moreover, some of my previous papers have initiated the research on institutional corruption and economic integration in Asia.

My researches are not confined to theoretical analysis, but also applied to empirical studies, and some of them have intrigued policy debate and changes over the past by governments and international organizations.

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