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Japan’s Relations with the World through History


ハッチンソン キャロライン Caroline Hutchinson
  • 歴史
  • 言語
  • 文化
  • グローバルな課題
  • 人の思考・感情・行動
  • グループワーク型
  • 英語が飛び交う

Q. ゼミではどんなことを研究していますか?

In this seminar, students will develop their understanding of the relations between Japan and other countries in history. We will consider the challenges of intercultural communication, perceptions of other countries, and political and economic issues including trade, tourism, migration, environmental protection and diplomacy.

Q. ゼミの様子は?

Students will examine primary historical sources (from the time of writing, such as letters, photographs, and official documents) and secondary historical sources (from later, such as textbooks or movies) to understand international relations. We will present and discuss.

Q. ゼミの特徴は?

This seminar will mainly be conducted in English, but research can be conducted in Japanese and English. We will learn how to find information, analyze it, summarize and develop an argument.


My first seminar students will graduate in 2023.

April welcome party.
After this, we will decide together.



My first seminar students will graduate in 2023.


Students taking this class should be prepared to read and discuss actively in English. They should be interested in relations between countries in the past and today.


I am interested in learners’ opinions and beliefs about learning. Recently, I have been studying how learners choose and evaluate learning activities, and the role of choice in learning.

I am interested in how we can learn a language while also learning other things. One teaching method is called CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), which means teaching a subject (like history) in a foreign language (like English). I have taught CLIL courses on tourism, cultural studies and Japanese history. I also focus on students’ thinking skills and cultural understanding.

My first degree was in history, and I am especially interested in Japanese history and cultural exchange.

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