Faculty, A-C

Individual Data

Faculty (106) with the subjects they teach and their research interests are given below:


  1. Teaching field (s)
  2. Current research field (s)
  3. Latest university
  4. A major academic achievement in books or articles


Takanobu AKIYAMA

  1. English Language
  2. Syntax and Semanitcs
  3. Lancaster University, U.K.
  4. “On the Constructional Meaning of Infinitival Relative Clauses in English”, English Usage and Grammar, December 2015

Moriyasu ARIMA

  1. Technological Development
  2. An Economic Analysis of Firm’s R&D Activity
  3. Nihon University
  4. “A Study of the Relationship between Quality Differentiation and the Patent Race”, Keizai Shushi Vol.68 No.1, April, 1998

Yoshihisa ASADA

  1. Urban problem theory, Micro Economics
  2. Regionl and Urban Economics
  3. Sophia University
  4. 2007″Urban Economics”Nihon Hyouron Sya
    2003″Economical Analysis of Urban Renewal” Toyo Keizai Sinpou sya


Masataka BAN