Experience various sense of values
at the Japan’s biggest college of Economics,
located in the center or Japan.
Each day at NUCE leads you the first step of learning.

Exceptional NUCE Numbers

  • 6,500Students
    Japan’s biggest
    College of Economics
    6500 Students
    NUCE has around 6,500 students. This is the biggest scale in Japan as a college of economics. This environment gives you the opportunity to meet various senses of values. Throughout college life, you will have precious friends.
  • More than100Seminars
    You can choose
    various seminars
    More than 100 Seminars
    The Japan’s biggest college of economics offer you the Japan’s largest numbers of seminars. More than 100 seminars cover society structure, money flow, welfare, environment, local community… You can choose what you are interested from the 2nd year.
  • Average20Students at Each seminar
    Deep and specialized
    Small group seminar
    Average 20 Students at Each seminar
    The average number of students at each seminar is 20 per grade. This number realizes deep and small group education. You can study with seniors and teachers in relaxing environments.
  • 1.1million Alumni
    Successful in various areas,
    Alumni of Japan University
    1.1 million Alumni
    The number of alumni is about 1.1million, which is definitely the biggest scale in Japan. Many alumni in the wide range of generations are successful in different areas. This alumni network of NUCE will be the strong backup for your future.
  • 22,000Presidents
    Nihon University has
    produced the most
    presidents in Japan.
    22,000 Presidents
    Nihon University has produced presidents of companies in Japan the most. We have kept the 1st place almost 30 years in row on the ranking. Practical study to meet the needs of the times will encourage you to step up in future career.
  • 13Countries to Study
    From Europe to Asia,
    Connect to the world
    13 countries to Study
    NUCE has put focus on studying abroad and international exchange. You can challenge the different type of study-abroad programs at universities in 13 countries, such as the USA, the UK, France, Germany, China, Philippines and so on.
  • about200Bookstores nearby
    The world’s biggest
    bookstore area is close
    bto the campus
    about 200 Bookstores nearby
    A 5 minutes walk to old and new bookstores located in the world’s biggest bookstore area, Kanda Jimbocho. You can find any genres of books, literature, social science, art, there. Also popular cafes and curry restaurants amuse you.
  • 5minutes to the Nearest stations
    JR and Tokyo Metro
    Easy access to both
    5 minutes to the Nearest stations
    The nearest stations are Suidobashi Station on JR Sobu-Chuo line and Jimbocho Station on Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line and Toei Shinjuku Line. Accessible to many lines within a 5 minutes walk
  • 15minutes to the Main stations
    To Tokyo, Shinjuku
    Akihabara station
    Ideal access
    15 minutes to the main stations
    From the nearest stations, you can reach the main stations like Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Station, Akihabara Station, Shibuya Station, within 15 minutes. This location is very convenient in many ways, commuting, shopping, travelling and so on.
Since its inception in 1889, Nihon University has been one of the leading research universities in Japan. It started as Nihon Law School in Misaki-cho, Tokyo, and has grown into the single largest Japanese university today, consisting of 16 self-governing colleges, 20 graduate schools and over 70,000 students. Among these colleges, the College of Economics (NUCE) has occupied a central place; its foundation dates back to 1909, which makes us the third oldest college in Nihon University. Together with the College of Law, the school is located in Misaki-cho, where the university started its life. Departments include Economics, Industrial Management, and Finance and Public Economics; and as a school entirely devoted to the study of economics, we have the largest student body and offer the most diverse courses and seminars. Students will also benefit from the courses offered by our International Program in the Department of Economics, where many of the classes are conducted in English.