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Graduate-level education is currently in the spotlight. Not just for high-level education designed for training researchers, but specialized education aimed at career professionals who put their careers on hold to better themselves by broadening their horizons with new fields of study as well. And the Graduate School of Economics here at Nihon University is one of the schools adapting to the needs of the modern-day career professional, making different tests and trials a reality. For example, one way in which we go out of our way to help working men and women is our day-night lecture system. Another is our designating floors 9 through 12 of our Building #7 to Graduate-level education. Each classroom is outfitted with the latest AV equipment, and there are even graduate student-only study rooms and special lecture rooms available. At the Graduate School of Economics, our doors are wide open for those students who want to learn more specialized areas above and beyond the undergraduate study, as well as for those professionals who aim to gain specialized knowledge in particular fields through study, while keeping their daily jobs.

Graduate School of Economics

The Graduate School of Economics features a total of 7 courses designed to meet the educational goals of the students.

Courses to Meet Your Research Needs

– Allows Room For Individual Study/Research

Researcher Development Course

Designed for people who want become researchers in a specific specialized field and plan to earn an PhD, this course serves to develop those research skills in that particular field.

Integrated Research Course

Designed for those without a desire to become a researcher, but have the following goals:

  1. Want to pursue a specific research theme not offered through the Goal-Specific courses below.
  2. Want to study more about the whole of economics on a deeper level and find a career as a public servant or economic analyst.

Goal-Specific Courses

– Gain Specialized Knowledge in a Specific Field

Tax Law Course

Accounting Course



Public economy


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