Message from The Dean

The resilience to respond and adapt to social change

Koichiro TEZUKA: The Dean, the College of Economics

In our rapidly changing society, I believe that it is ever more important for students/graduates to be able to have insight into the essence of things. University is the place to gain the ability to see the root of a problem, and this is one of its main functions. Enhancing genuine education, based on precise knowledge and rich mind, cultivates the insight into the essence of things. This is very important. Gaining education essential to a college student will create the groundwork to absorb specialized knowledge. This is the only way to foster genuine and profound learning which is not a thin veneer.

Nihon University College of Economics values general education, including foreign languages and physical education, to develop students’ ability to capture the essence of things. This is the very reason why we provide general education seminars along with specialized ones. By learning specialized subjects alongside deep general education, students will see the world differently.

Although Nihon University College of Economics is one of the biggest single departments in Japan, we offer more than 100 seminars to ensure that all students can experience thorough small-class education college. Seminars provide customized education tailored to the need of new students. In addition, seminars develop skills for presentation and debate, which also strengthen business skills. Students can only have such precious opportunities at university.

In this college, I would like you to realize your own hidden potentials and to build your skills as much as possible. As a university, we will support students in the endeavors. That is the beginning of self-creation. As a result, I believe, students build their own strong identities which will keep pace with the changing times.

I have said that our college values the connection between general education and the specialized, but this connection also means the connection among students, between students and alumni (OB and OG), and between students and teachers. This college consists of students from across Japan, and provides many opportunities to build close relationships with lifetime friends through seminars and clubs. Our nationwide alumni network will prove invaluable when students are job hunting. Moreover, the connection with teachers will give the students excellent opportunities to seek advice on various problems after graduation. I believe that our mission is to make our college (department) a lifetime safety net for students.

This college offers rich opportunities to experience global society through overseas training and study. Staying abroad leads students not only to understand different cultures, but also to find something new by reconsidering Japan. For students seeking their own potential abroad, this college offers a 4-year curriculum with a year studying abroad. These experiences will surely expand your opportunities in the future.

As stated, this college makes every effort to support and encourage motivated students. If you have motivation, teachers will devote themselves to supporting you—this is our motto.

Our aim is to cultivate graduates who can refine their own skills and realize their potential, and who are resilient and flexible in the face of our ever-changing society.

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