Faculty, D-F

Individual Data

Faculty (106) with the subjects they teach and their research interests are given below:


  1. Teaching field (s)
  2. Current research field (s)
  3. Latest university
  4. A major academic achievement in books or articles



Satoshi EGAMI

  1. Marketing
  2. Consumer Information Systems
  3. Fukuoka University
  4. “Macro-analysis of Modern Marketing Systems”, Minervashobo, July, 1996



  1. History of Modern Economics
  2. Economics of Pantaleoni, Pareto, Barone and Sraffa
  3. Nihon University
  4. “The Structure of the Sraffian System as a Circular Process”, Keizai Shushi Vol.73 No.1, 2003

Noritoshi FUJIMOTO

  1. Monetary Economics
  2. Monetary Economics
  3. Nihon University
  4. “Employment Behavior in Japan and Efficiency Wage Hypothsis”, University Reseach Center, Nihon University, 2003

Masafumi FUJINO

  1. Management Accounting
  2. The role of management accounting for organizational change
  3. Hitotsubashi University
  4. “Integration Process of Management Accounting in Public Sector” Kaikei Progress(Accounting Progress), No. 10, Sep, 2009


  1. Financial Accounting
  2. Financial Reporting / Not-for-Profit Organization Accounting and Public Audit
  3. Aoyama Gakuin University
  4. Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organization, Chuokeizaisya, 2002.Integrated Financial Reporting, Chuokeizaisya, 2012

Toshiyuki FUSHIMI

  1. Taxation and Tax Administration (including International area)
  2. Taxation and Tax Administration (including International area)
  3. Waseda University
  4. Book“Chinese Tax Guide” 1997, Book“Transfer Price Taxation in China and Japan” 2005, Book“Basic Knowledge on Chinese Taxation II” 2013, Book “Tax Mother (History of Japanese Tax Administration)” 2013, Book “Tax and Social Contribution” 2014