Message from the Dean

Economics is the study pursuing people’s happiness.

Naohiko Ijiri: The Dean, the College of Economics

We are now living in a dramatically changing world.

Japan has not been genuinely gotten out of “Deflationary Economy”. On the other hand, there have been many changes; the birthrate decreases, the population ages, globalization and computerization spreads. It has affected the styles of our work and life.

As the economic globalization develops, you will be required to have more specialized business skills. Moreover, it is said that the development of IT technology will make AI (artificial intelligence) or robots take over the half of working population. In such circumstances, more jobs ask you high-level technical knowledge and creativity.

In the world globalized economically, you can face various needs from the world through the market even in Japan. Brand-new ideas and innovations enable you to bring new products and services. It will enlarge the possibilities to present yourself to the world. Having said that, how much AI or robots develops, it is impossible for machines to take over understanding others from “conversations” and creating of new visions through experiences. Only we, human beings, will take those on us.

It is important to experience various sense of values and thoughts through the study, and to express your opinions with your own words from deep understanding of the others. It will help you to gain the necessary skills to meet the needs of the times. Nichikei offers many programs to assist you effectively to obtain those from cooperation with your friends. For example, you can experience the real cases of corporate economic activities or local revitalization as a part of seminars. Also you can study abroad to exchange thoughts and ideas with people from different backgrounds. Those experiences will definitely widen your vision.

You cannot predict where you work or where you live after graduation. I truly believe, you can step into any world with confidence by learning how to express your own opinions based on independent observations and analysis of the reality.

At Nichikei, please enjoy the various study focused on economics widely and openly to expand your own potentials at most. Economics is the study pursuing people’s happiness. Let’s learn economics to make yourself happy by making others happy.