Message from the Dean

Economics is a discipline that pursues people’ s happiness.

Naohiko Ijiri: The Dean, the College of Economics

We are now living in a dramatically changing world.

While Japan has not fully recovered from a deflationary economy, there have been many changes which have raised fundamental questions on how we work and live: the declining birthrate, the aging population, globalization and informatization. As economic globalization continues, you will be required to have more specialized business skills. Moreover, it is said that the development of information technology will help AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robots take over the half of the working population. In such circumstances, more jobs will require you to have high-level of expertise and creativity.

In an economically globalized world, you can learn about the various needs throughout the world from the Japanese market. You have more chances than before to present yourself to the world if you can come up with unprecedented products, services and content based on brand-new ideas and innovations. Having said that, no matter how much AI and robots improve, it is impossible for machines to replace our abilities to understand others through communication, or to create new visions by learning and experience. Only we, human beings, will be able to do these things.

In order to gain the skills to meet the needs of the times, it is important to learn various values and ideas in your academic experience, and to express your opinions in your own words while respecting the ideas of others. Nichikei offers many programs to help your efficient acquisition of these skills by working and interacting with your fellow students. For example, you can experience real cases of corporate economic activities or local revitalization as a part of seminar courses. Also you can study abroad to exchange thoughts and ideas with people from different backgrounds. Those experiences will definitely expand your perspective, leading you to the further cultivation of your mind.

You cannot predict where you will work or live after graduation. But I truly believe that you can step into any situation with confidence by learning how to express your own opinions based on your active observations and analyses of reality.

At Nichikei, we encourage students to participate actively in our curriculum mainly focused on economics, thereby expanding your potential as much as possible. Economics is a discipline that pursues people’ s happiness. Let’ s learn economics not only to make others happy, but also to make yourself happy.