Faculty, W-Z

Individual Data

Faculty (106) with the subjects they teach and their research interests are given below:


  1. Teaching field (s)
  2. Current research field (s)
  3. Latest university
  4. A major academic achievement in books or articles


Shuji Watanabe

  1. 1) Credit risk management
    2) Optimal monetary policy
    3) Financial markets
  2. 1) Pricing mechanism in credit markets
    2) Dynamic optimal monetary policy
    3) JGB trading
  3. Northwestern University (Ph.D)
  4. International Review of Finance: What Determines CDS Prices? Evidence from the Estimation of Protection Demand and Supply (Daisuke Miyakawa and Shuji Watanabe)



  1. Microeconomic
  2. Economic Theory, Spatial Economy
  3. Nihon University
  4. “Trade Policy, Spatial Distribution of Industry and Welfare: An Analysis in Two Country-Four Region Model”, Keizai Shushi Vol.74 No.4, 2004


  1. English as a Foreign Language
  2. Applied Linguistics, Language Learner Strategies, Autonomous Learning
  3. Kansai University (Ph.D. in Foreign Language Education, in 2009)
  4. “Language learning strategies used by lower secondary school learners in a Japanese EFL context” The International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 19, 136-172, 2009 (with Osamu Takeuchi)


  1. Japanese and Japanese Literature
  2. Modern Japanese Literature
  3. Nihon University
  4. “The Method of Kume Masao’s ‘Chichinoshi(Father’s Death)’ : Toward the Circuit of The Reader”, Modern Japanese Literature No.48, May, 1998


  1. Econometrics
  2. Econometrics
  3. Hitotsubashi Univeristy
  4. “Statistical Inference in Vector Autoregressions with Possibly Integrated Processes,”(with Hiroyuki Toda) Journal of Econometrics, Vol.66, No. 1&2, 1995


  1. Economic History
  2. Limit Gauge System and technology transfer and formation in Britain and Japan
  3. Meiji University (Ph.D Commerce)
  4. ‘The role of Engineering Standards Committee, 1901-1918’, Keizai Syuushi, 84(2), 2014
    ‘The Interchangeable Parts and Limit Gauge System in Britain: the supply of the gauges under the control of the Ministry of Munitions’, Keizai Syuushi, 85(2-3),2015


  1. Law and Economics, Public Economics, Urban Economics
  2. Social Cost of Condominium Law. Economic Analysis of Tenant Security Law
  3. Sophia University
  4. The Law and Economis of Property Rights, Liesing Contract and Mortgage. University of Tokyo Press. 2007
    An Economic Analysis of Land and Houing Markets in Japan. University of Tokyo Press. 1999

Shizuka YASUDA

  1. French
  2. Culture and Representation
  3. The University of Tokyo
  4. “200 Key Words : Understanding Ballet”, Collaborated with Keisuke Sakurai and others, Tachikazeshobo, June, 2001


  1. International Business
  2. Seafarer Strategy of International Maritime Industry
  3. Waseda University
  4. The Normative Integration and the Anticipatory Socialization of Foreign Workers: in terms of Pre-Employment Training for Seafarers by an International Maritime Company. Japan Academy of International Business Studies. Vol. 7, No.2 (2015)

Hiroyuki YOSHIDA

  1. Macroeconomics
  2. Dynamic Macroeconomics
  3. Kobe University
  4. “Coefficient criterion for four-dimensional Hopf bifurcations: A complete mathematical characterization and applications to economic dynamics” (with Toichiro Asada), Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, 18, pp.525–536, 2003


Hengkui ZHENG

  1. Chinese
  2. Chinese Language Education
  3. Hiroshima University
  4. “A Contractive Study on Sentences of Necessary Condition in Japanese and Chinese”, Keisuisha, 1999