International Course

What Makes the Department Unique

Producing International Business People with Sensitivity and a Wide Perspective.

Being able to use English fluently is a prerequisite

English is a top priority for true international business people. Roughly 1/2 of requirements needed to graduate are language-related.

Foreign teaching staff handles all English courses


Small Class Size System of 10-15 Students

Class sizes are kept at a 10-15 student level in order to boost communication and make learning more effective.

A Good Balance of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing

Careful consideration is put in to make sure all students have a good balance of listening, speaking, reading and writing, enabling students to advance their skills to the point where it can be put to use as one of the tools of the trade.

Open For Student Counseling Even Outside of Class Time

International Course teaching staff are always open to help out and give advice regarding studies and career options, further school or work advancement, etc., even outside of class time. Students are also required to take the TOEFL at least twice a year.

Study and Learning Your Major in English

Take lectures on international society, international financial theory, accounting, etc., all in English, and improve your skills so that you can explain everything you’ve learned in your major field in English.