Department of Industrial Management

Unique Traits

As for the contents to learn

With a central base in industry and corporate theory, management, accounting, commerce, understand the current state of industry, as well as current corporate strategy, organization, and actions. Also gain a grasp on the actual, current, ever-fluctuating business climate from a variety of angles, and hypothesize what things will look like in the future.

What You’ll Learn While You’re Here

In your first year, you will study and get a grasp of the basics of economic and management theory, and from the second year on, move into a specialized program to focus on a specialized academic track. Students looking to test for specialized licenses are welcome to take related courses to deepen their knowledge.

Gaining Business-related Skills and Sharpening Senses

Not only will you gain the necessary information-processing skills required by today’s information society, you’ll also sharpen your senses as business men and women for the next generation by learning things like fundamentals of accounting and human resources, things that make up the basic foundation of any corporation.

What We Look For in an Applicant

People with interest in the financial sector, international firms, corporate management, and start-up businesses. People striving to become certified public accountants or tax accountants. And people interested in the exciting new challenges that lie ahead in the wide world of Internet business.

About the Programs

As a student here, in your second year you will be entering one of the following programs, becoming part of the school and advancing your learning in the areas you choose.

Corporate Management Program

Come here to learn to manage small- and medium-sized corporations, be an executive, or even run an NPO.

International Marketing Program

Create new markets as an entrepreneur or international business professional.

Accounting & Finance Program

Learn about bookkeeping, taxes, valuating firms, and become a certified public accountant or a professional in a related field.

Management Information Program

Learn about corporate management with a focus on information technology, etc., and find your place in the urban-oriented industries.